Forum "Razem" Terms of Service

Forum "Razem" — social organizations for Poland and Ukraine — was established to build understanding, cooperation and create common solutions for people with refugee and migration experience in Poland and for the Polish society.

Forum "Razem" focuses on activities for refugees and migrants.

The aim of the Forum is to create space for multilateral cooperation, with particular emphasis on local and international non-profit organizations responding to various challenges that can be observed in Poland in connection with the war in Ukraine.

The Forum is an initiative co-created by the National Federation of Polish NGOs, the Polish Humanitarian Action and Ashoka: Innovators for the Public.

Intentions of the Forum:

To provide atmosphere of cooperation and understanding in which one can openly discuss the various humanitarian, social, economic and cultural issues, challenges and capabilities;

To inform various stakeholders (especially the members of the Forum) about activities, plans and challenges faced by NGOs / social organizations, as well as about the context and the nature of the crisis or the changing social and economic phenomena that affect the situation of people in need, NGOs and various systems;

To identify synergies, partnerships, overlapping activities and gaps in aid, to shape the response to the refugee phenomena in Poland in accordance with humanitarian values, transparently, inclusively and fairly;

To co-create systemic changes in key public areas while relying on the potential of the Polish civil society, the capabilities of migrants and refugees, and the energy of change makers;

To build the competences among the Forum members to react with the highest possible quality, enable further development, introduce positive change and build a social base for the subsequent reconstruction of the Ukrainian society;

To identify scalable social innovations in response to migration and related challenges in public systems.

Principles of operations

  1. The Forum is open to NGOs and organized informal groups, consortia and umbrella organizations;

  2. The Forum operates through tools such as: mailing, newsletter, web platform, online and live meetings;

  3. The Forum does not charge membership fees.


To become a member of Forum "Razem", you need to register your organization at

The Forum coordinators reserve the right to verify the application.

An organization that wishes to become a member of the Forum:

  • agrees with the intentions of the Forum and wants to work towards a common goal;

  • works or plans to work on behalf of people with migratory experience;

  • is guided by key humanitarian standards and values (link);

  • actively shares information about their activities within the tools of the Forum (website, meetings, email);

  • declares to use the Forum's tools for non-profit activities related to serving people in need, in accordance with good will and the highest standards of personal data protection and protection of beneficiaries;

Each organization has the right to resign from membership at any time.

Removal of an organization from the Forum

The Forum coordinators may remove from the Forum:

  • An organization whose representatives do not follow the principles of good cooperation within the Forum tools;

  • An organization which does not inform about its activities and is not active in the Forum;

  • An organization which does not comply with humanitarian standards in its activities.

The Forum coordinators and organizations responsible for its activities have the right to make decisions about the activities and strategic directions of the Forum.